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Chaos vs. Chaos V.2 by Mark5217
Chaos vs. Chaos V.2
Here is the other version of my latest creation. I don't know if that's supposed to be her skin tone.

Version 1:Chaos vs. Chaos
Chaos vs. Chaos by Mark5217
Chaos vs. Chaos
For a change it's not a request. It's an original idea of mine.

Since I saw Sinbad-Legend of the seven seas I considered Eris the sexiest vilianess ever put on screen. Her voice, movement and personality are just simply fun. I wondered if there is a pic where she gets tickled... but surprisingly, there is none. At least I've never seen one so if you know any please link me in the comments.
Also I wondered what is her original skin color. Most of the times she is depicted with some bluish skin color but I took a more realistic color. But Maybe I'll try the bluish and see how she looks. She looks beautiful in any color. :)

So I've wanted to make a picture of her getting tickled. But I couldn't find a perfect tickler until I heard about Discord. I'm not a brony and find Discord more annoying than evil. But I considered him as a creation of the Godess of Chaos. So I decided they should play a little game :) . Originally I wanted to have my OC tickling her beautiful feet, but that will have to wait until I'll renew my OC. For now I let her creation play with her.
And yeah I know discord is missing his legs but he is a shapeshifter (I guess, he did it on an episode) so any argument is invalid. :)

The background is not mine by any mean. I found it on google I thought it would look cool.
The image does not have any shading. Maybe I'll update it later but for now I think it's fine.

What do you think?
Who is your secretly loved underrated character?

Version 2:
Chaos vs. Chaos V.2
Zacktheelf request: Tetra and Crystal tickled by Mark5217
Zacktheelf request: Tetra and Crystal tickled
It was a request from Zacktheelf( .

The blue haired gal is one of his OC called Crystal. The other gal... well Tetra. I tried to stay true to the original design and I'm really glad how it turned out at the end.
They are tickled with the things you scratch your back with.

Hope you'll like it buddy. :)
Request by ededdeddyy by Mark5217
Request by ededdeddyy
This was a request by ededdeddyy .
His OC Angel is getting interrogated by Alice (Tales of symphonia). I feel like I'm 
a bit out of practice...
I hope you still like it bud! :)
Well, it's been a long time since I wrote a journal entry.
I guess I can announce it officially now, that "I'm back"(Insert austrian accent here :D ).
I have a lot of work interviews nowadays and I learn how to program and such and these are time consuming. But I'll do my best to fulfill Your requests.
So if you have one, send me a note.

My Aim, is to reach 500 wathers right now... hope I'll succeed!


Current Residence: Hungary
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Metal
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Raven, And always the evil ones and my own ones of course XD

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